Friday, February 17, 2012

It's a girl!!!!!

And she's very VERY hairy! fooled ya! I couldn't be happier though...ok, i digress, there are a lot of ways i could be happier but there are also a lot of ways i could be less happy..this is beside the point...the good news is we added a new family member to our household! I apologize for waiting a week to announce her presence but she is just so stinking wonderful! She's a bit hairy, wakes me up way before i want to get up-- to take her potty in the mornings, and loves me unconditionally! Her name is..drum roll please... Princess Beyonce!  She is a mixed mutt (I say mutt lovingly as I would never pick a dog from a breeder..kinda likens to dog prostitution if you ask I get all emotional when then those same people talk cutting off the lady parts as If one dog because of it's parents is good enough to be allowed to carry new life and another dog because of it's parents should never be allowed to reproduce. I wouldn't like that applied to me nor do I want that forced upon my doggie pal. What can I say, I'm a doggie feminist..or would it be opposite of doggie feminist...I'm pro life and pro choice but the choice must be left up to the dog! hee hee so I guess until she starts calling local vets and comparing prices..and gets a doggie job to pay for her cosmetic surgery she shall remain intact..but thats another blog for another day. I'll spare you)Anyhow..ahem..back the original point..she is a mix of Brittany Spaniel and well whatever kind of dog her daddy was. She is pretty, has longer hair and a beautiful face! Apparently she has been shot in the leg back when she was a free roamer. ( I like to imagine she refers to that time as back in her hippie days...or maybe during her rumspringa! Don't worry ladies, I'll be here all week!) She is approximately 3 years old so I like to tell Frankie that her and Princess Beyonce are twins. She thinks it's cool. Kalel on the other hand points out that Princess Beyonce listens better. LOL she is just one amazing dog. I have heard her bark two times since we were blessed with her presence, she is great with children, she is the most Zen dog ever. (my husband says too relaxed but i like think Princess Beyonce and I are kindred spirits) She is just what I needed just when I needed it! Thank the good Lord! I hope to God I can be as much of a blessing in her life as she has been in mine! It is so wonderful having a little person in your life (furry or not) who encourages you to be active, who helps you develop selflessness, who spurs you on towards caring and kindness, who is there to lend a hairy ear  when you need someone to confide in, who will lick your face and not shy away from a hug when you just needs some love (don't tell my husband this..i dont want him getting any ideas about licking my face when i'm sad or something. haha) She is just great! I dont have to pretend to be someone I'm not, I dont have to live up to her expectations, I can be me and not worry about offending her even when I unload my deepest hopes and dreams. And she is always up for my  Little House on the Prairie or birth movie marathons. If bring snacks she's even more eager! Did I mention she is a girl after my own heart?! LOL  my husband makes fun of me, says I baby her and treat her like a child...ok who am i kidding, i do, and i'm okay with that! :O) She is just a wonderfully dandy dog, womans best friend if you will and I am so very thankful for her! Glad you could meet her!!! May God use her to teach me, to guide me into the woman i should aspire to be more loving, kind, there to help in times of need, peaceful, calm, relaxed, always friendly, always hopeful, and mostly---ALWAYS THERE!

Proverbs 17:7 "A friend is always loyal, and a brother is born to help in time of need."