Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Of dumpsters and dreams....

Oh I love it when rich people get tired of their rich people things and throw it out! First I question, "what in the world are you thinking?" and then I dance in celebration that at just the right timing someone rich decided to replace something that didn't need replacing and I was there to rescue that beloved (or not so beloved anymore...) item from an untimely death in the landfill! (confession, I am exaggerating here as this item was posted on craigslist so in no way was it making it's way to the landfill but you catch my drift.) For those of you who don't know I am the one who goes garage saling simply to scout the free boxes. I am the one driving slowly by your house if I see a heap out on the curb, I am forever scouring the craigslist free section. I refuse to buy firsthand and think garage sales with items that cost more than a few quarters are OUTRAGEOUSLY priced! Yep, that's me..like it or lump it! That my friends I like to call not cheap but thrifty!  It also is the way I am able to be at home full time spending day in and day out with my wonderful kiddos. Let me let you in on a little secret, even if I didn't have to....even if I had all the riches in the world and could shop catalogs daily and have things mailed to my house and build the biggest mansion in all the countryside..I wouldn't. I love the chase. I love the happenstance. And I love me some used goods. Provided I can really use the previously loved items. (I'm not a fan of mountains of stuff or materialism..hate that. Let me get this clear. NO you may not come check my home..those peices of junk have a purpose! ;) How dare you accuse my art of being a heaping pile of rubbish! I have plans for that.) Okay confession number two: I do have a teensy weensy bit of Grandma Alice in me. But I love her so in turn I do love that about myself. She also collects what others throw out. Did I mention I have always loved that about her?! Scoff if you will but I'm the one who gets the good deals and isn't breaking the bank or takin out a loan and forever making payments for a fleetless (obviously passing, I mean, You are throwing it out!) pleasure.  So anyhow my newest find. Some lovely...let me say it again..LOVELY teal carpet. Enough to cover our whole basement.  It is the most divine color I have seen in my life. The lady who is throwing it out was wonderfully nice and made sure to let us know the condition is wonderful she was just "wanting to change the color of the room." It also comes complete with the padding. Super awesome! And is one big peice not several rooms. (Did i mention FREE?!) Which means in all actuallity this lady's livingroom must be the size of my basement...wowsers! Another perfect thing Is that it will come in handy when we begin building our tiny house. Yep, I said it, we have plans for building a tiny house sometime in the near future. It's been one of those things where you are always thinking and talking about how that would be so fun and you should do it but the brain doesn't process so you are always saying you should but never realizing you actually can and should take steps in that direction. Well, the lightbulb finally went off and we both looked and each other (my husband and I..not my multiple personalities) and said.."well....yeah! we NEED to do that"  Then, of course, we spent the rest of the night planning planning planning, laying out all our dreams pipe, real, and otherwise.  Suddenly romantic songs are playing in our heads and the piles of wood, windows, and other building materials collected in the basement make sense and have a purpose!  Cannot wait to see how this adventure we are on unfolds! It's one of those times where you feel completely blown away. Like God, did you really have this planned.... for me???? You would let me do something so fun and full of purpose? So now starts our journey towards independant living. That meaning us owning our own little peice of land out of town. Not too far but out of town none the less. Where we can live our own little life loving our kids, loving animals, growing our own food, and running our own business of sustenance. The plan being my hubby eventually doing his own puttering and woodworking fulltime and myself I would love to make soaps and candles and sell them at the farmers market. Not to mention use them myself :) And shameless plug, I want goats! A farm isn't complete without goats. So anyhow there you have it..thanks to the lady throwing out the carpet because you have helped to make a dream come true for a little family of six just living in our own little world!

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  1. Oh neat Amy! Phil and I talk about building our own place in the country too someday. I don't think he'd be interested in a tiny house though, unless there was one for him and one for the kids, hehe. That man has a large bubble! Looking forward to reading about your adventures regarding teeny homes :)
    --Alicia :)